About Jiantong

Guangzhou Jiantong Surveying and Mapping Geoinformation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech surveying and mapping enterprise specializing in high-precision spatial geographic information data acquisition, processing, and application system development. Established since 1996, Jiantong has become a leading spatial information technology provider in China. Jiantong is headquartered in Guangzhou Tianhe Software Industrial Park, Guangdong, with more than 20 branch offices around the country. Jiantong obtained Class A Surveying and Mapping qualification and certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System. To serve our clients,we have almost 800 geospatial professionals. Our experienced and highly qualified team of GIS specialists, photogrammetrists, cartographers, data analysts, aerial photographers, LiDAR engineers, navigators and spatial professionals use a variety of aerial capture platforms and software to ensure our clients receive the best solution for their project requirements. Jiantong provides solutions in many industries including:

    ·   Transport Planning

    ·    Power Grid

    ·    Land Management

    ·    Urban Planning

     ·    Hydraulic engineering

    ·    Coastline Management

    ·    Forestry Management and Planning

    ·    Oil and Gas Pipeline 

    ·     Archaeology